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New Money: Sparking Revenue


How a webinar series spawned leads and fueled income.
When your association deals with energy, it may feel like kismet to find a spark for revenue that touches several parts of the association.

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The HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification Course taught me how to become an effective digital marketer with an inbound-first mindset.


It’s teaches the process of planning, crafting, and delivering meaningful, relevant, and customized content through various channels, including your website, marketing emails, social media platforms, and more.

Power of A

CAM’s client-partner has been awarded the 2021 Power of A Silver Award for its “Enhancing Local Building Ordinances Campaign” by ASAE


CAM’s client-partner has been awarded the 2021 Power of A Silver Award for its “Enhancing Local Building Ordinances Campaign” by ASAE


Virtual Tech Showcase Proves Successful Alternative to Virtual Exhibit Hall


Instead of going with a virtual expo hall, CAM helped its client to host a technology showcase during its 2021 virtual conference. The short demos ended up being beneficial to attendees, exhibitors, and the organization.

Lessons Learned from ASAE’s MMCC


The Marketing, Membership, & Communications Conference (MMCC) is a gathering of association and nonprofit leaders sharing the latest advancements in tech, trends, and engagement. This year’s conference shed light on several creative innovations that can boost your collective brainpower and your membership figures.

Membership Pro Tip: Member of the Month


Sam Schwarz, Account Executive shares her Membership Pro Tip in the ASAE’s Associations NOW Newsletter. The “Member of the Month” program promotes member engagement and creates a feeling of belonging among client’s individual members.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Strategic Planning Session


In the past few months, associations have found it challenging or impossible to hold in person strategic planning sessions due to global pandemic restrictions.

We facilitated a 12-hour, 3-day virtual strategic planning session for our medium-sized ($1.5 million in annual revenue) certification-based client-association servicing a specialized niche in the construction industry. While it was different from historical strategic planning meetings with participants seated around a big table in one room, it ultimately was successful.

Effective Member Retention & Renewals Techniques During Hard Times


During difficult times—whether the current situation or other economic downturns– some members might be at risk for non-renewal due to financial hardship. However, many still desire to stay connected with their industry and place involvement in associations high on the priority list. Pursuing success in renewals depends largely on managing efforts in two main areas: member engagement and member retention in the service of creating and communicating tangible value. Read different strategies and timelines that we used last year to accomplish a 96% renewal rate for our client-association.

Ad Campaigns – Creating a Visual Impact with Stories


Stories have been the main form of communication for thousands of years, with generations passing along information to future generations in a variety of forms. However, video now dominates our lives. It outperforms images by 73% in social media and by 78% on Facebook and Instagram. Read more and see examples of how we are creating a visual impact with video stories.

CAM Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual Events – Tips for Success 


Virtual meetings are here to stay! The creative geniuses that live amongst us have come up with some great ways to engage attendees and make webinars and other digital offerings enjoyable.

Check out our ideas and tips to assist you in delivering engaging virtual events.

Top 5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Association Website Visibility


Read on to learn 5 top SEO tips associations can utilize to help improve website visibility and gain a new audience.

Best of all, these tips can be done for free; no more stretching the advertising budget further than it needs to go. 

Top Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns


Apple’s release to iOS 14 users at the beginning of this year will impact an average of 50% of all Ad Campaigns since 50% of Ads are read on iOS 14 devices.

The App will ask someone when they first go to Facebook after uploading the update if they would like Facebook to have the ability to track them with their marketing.

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