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LawPublications Management

The publications team works diligently to ensure that our clients’ work serves as an industry-standard while being available in a variety of accessible mediums.

Working with subject matter experts, we select and publish weekly, quarterly and annual publications that accurately reflect the current state of the industry. We choose engaging content that examines common issues that our client’s membership face in their careers, while also highlighting the uncommon occurrences they may find themselves involved in unique to their professions. This content is laid out in eye-catching designs by graphic designers we work with to ensure that no detail is lost; procuring or creating graphics that enhance the written content. A portion of these publications come courtesy of several sponsors that we work with to advertise their current events and products both in print and online.

These publications are available in print and digital formats to be more accessible to membership. At our clients’ direction, we repurpose older print content into weekly newsletters that are sent out via email to our members. These newsletters link back to those older publications so that they can be made use of well after their original printing.
Our publications team fulfills publication orders for membership, ensuring they are promptly served and have the information they need when they need it.