Lessons Learned from ASAE’s MMCC 2022

The Marketing, Membership, and Communications Conference (MMCC) is a gathering where association and nonprofit leaders come together to discuss new trends, exciting technology, and the future of different sectors. This is what we learned while attending.

Critical Email Tips to Radically Improve Marketing Performance

Presented by Jay Schwedelson, this session was a favorite for many in attendance. Focused on the ways that rapid industry shifts can challenge our approach to marketing, it came with some valuable lessons.

  • Unsubscribers Aren’t Bad—When people unsubscribe, it keeps your database clean, adds to your email statistics, and includes engagement through clicks.
  • Turn Your Logo Into Engagement—Send visitors to your offer page instead!
  • Know What Matters—Open rates and clicks are a top priority.
  • Empower Your Subject Line—The left part of a subject line is the essential part that must capture attention and engage your audience.

The Case for Experimental Design

Offered by Christopher Hamade, this discussion focused on using art and science to shape the customer experience in order to create authentic human connections.

  • Experimental Design—This is defined as a combination of operations and marketing that can grow brand influence and increase revenue.
  • Disney World’s Trick—Using marching music to make people move sets the scene and engages visitors.
  • The Starbucks Experience—Drinking coffee inside the store is encouraged with comfortable furniture, dim lighting, and a pleasant interior.
  • LinkedIn’s Experience—Account completion bars offer a sense of accomplishment.
  • Stakeholders and Their Impact—They are not just customers, they are a part of the entire process.
  • Reaching the Senses—Focus on achievement, humor, security, and fear.
  • Avoid Outdated Encouragement Methods—Guilt and obligation are no longer effective driving factors.
  • Use Positive Encouragement Methods—Cater to a sense of accomplishment, sense of freedom, or financial freedom.

Punching Above Your Weight: Small Marketing Team Success

Presented by Katie Juhl, this discussion of a powerful two-person marketing tackling aggressive goals and high expectations without compromising on service came with many exciting tips. Focused on how the right technology can empower a small marketing team, to take on big challenges, everyone left feeling excited about the future.

  • com for Transcription
  • Grammarly Pro for Editing
  • Meet Edge for Social Media
  • Infogram and Canva for Design
  • Bitly Paid for Custom Links
  • Critical Mention for Keyword Tracking
  • Rival IQ for Social Media Tracking
  • Vev for Animations
  • Proof HQ for Proofreading
  • Get Pastel for Website Proofing
  • Google Data Studio for Analytics
  • io for UTM Codes
  • Marketto for Engagement Analytics
  • io Email Templates and Landing pages
  • Hemingway App for Simplifying Text
  • Animoto and Promo.com for Promotional Videos
  • ia and The Hoth for Optimizing Content

Make Content Count: Membership, Marketing, and Google

Presented by Sarah Black, this section focused on member-exclusive perks and SEO best practices to increase your Google search ranking. Offering insights into member recruitment and retention, there is no denying that we have much to offer customers with the right strategies.

  • SEO and Authority—Using search engine optimization, you can demonstrate your expertise.
  • SEOMoz for Keywords—This provides free keyword analysis.
  • Keywords and Traffic—You should know what keywords are driving traffic to your website and areas where you can rank higher.

What’s Branding Got to Do With Content? (Hint: A Lot)

Presented by Lidia Varesco, this section focused on content marketing and the ways that it can engage your audience. Stressing the importance of a strong brand story, we focused on using your different strategies together to create a winning experience for customers.

  • Have the Essentials—Every organization must have a content mission statement. This means covering who, what, when, and why for your audience.
  • Content Calendars Drive Strategy—Having a clear strategy in place can help you to carry out your strategy and meet key needs.


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