Social Media Marketing Campaign Success Story: 555% Increase in LinkedIn Number of Followers!

In the summer of 2020, Capital Association Management (CAM) was asked to come up with a marketing plan for growing a client-association’s web presence and engagement. One part of the plan involved increasing the number of followers on the client-association’s LinkedIn page as well as boosting engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.).

Once the strategy was approved by the Board, the CAM team began implementing it. Our approach included posting a combination of timely and relevant technical content, educational opportunities offered by the client-association, and engagement posts such as polls, quizzes, etc.

We also utilized our strategic partnerships with other associations and grew the client-association’s network of followers by cross-posting on each other’s social media accounts. In one particularly successful post, the client-association’s strategic partner tagged the client and racked up 600 likes.

Furthermore, we showcased members who had won industry awards, delivered technical presentations at industry events, or published articles in media outlets. We tagged them so that their followers could see our client-association’s posts in their newsfeeds and follow their LinkedIn page. Members were more likely to comment or share posts in which they were tagged, which in return increased the social media reach of those posts exponentially.

As a result, in just six months, the number of LinkedIn followers grew from 252 to 553 (a 119% increase!). In two years (as of December 2022), the number of followers reached over 1,400 – a 555% increase!

Once our client-association’s LinkedIn page gained over 1,000 followers, we introduced a new members-only benefit: the ability to post job openings on the client-association’s LinkedIn page. Such posts would generate over 1,000 impressions and several hundred clicks. This was a win-win strategy, since the member was more than happy to promote their job openings to a large but very targeted audience, and the association was able to generate additional non-dues revenue.

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