Top 5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Association Website Visibility

Read on to learn 5 top SEO tips associations can utilize to help improve website visibility and gain a new audience. Best of all, these tips can be done for free; no more stretching the advertising budget further than it needs to go.

Name PDFs with Relevant Keywords

PDFs appear in the search results on Google, providing another way users can find your association website and learn about what you do. Instead of a string of numbers, naming the PDF file with keywords relevant to the topic can help users find the document in search.

Add Your Top Keyword to Headings

Search engines can read the content on your website, parsing the information out and adding it to the search results for users who look for specific queries. The algorithm puts more importance on the headings (H1, H2, H3, H4) in the content than it does the text body for finding what the page is relevant to.

Write for Humans First, Search Engines Second

When writing for search engines, text can feel forced and computer-generated. When content is written for humans first, search engines second, it ranks higher as it generally answers the user’s questions better and much more in-depth. Likewise, users are more likely to stay on a page that is written in a natural, engaging way, rather than a hard-to-read document filled with nonsense keywords.

Write Engaging, Relevant Meta Titles and Descriptions

The Meta Title and Meta Descriptions are the advertisements for your page in the search results. It should read like a headline in a newspaper or an email, hooking the reader and getting them interested in the content so they click on the result to read more.

Look at Top Competing Pages’ Subtopics for Comprehensive Content

Search engines rank the most relevant results that visitors stay on the longest, which means competitors who are already ranking high in the search results for the target query are answering questions that the users have. Look at the top 5 competitors for your target query to see their page’s headings and help you build better, more comprehensive content on the subject.

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