Top Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Optimize for iOS 14 Release

Apple’s release to iOS 14 users at the beginning of this year will impact an average of 50% of all Ad Campaigns since 50% of Ads are read on iOS 14 devices. The App will ask someone when they first go to Facebook after uploading the update if they would like Facebook to have the ability to track them with their marketing. Most people will say no since privacy has become such a sensitive issue in recent times. When they click no, this removes them from Facebook’s Ad targeting radar entirely and they become a “ghost” to the system. This not only means that you cannot target them, but it will not track any of their engagement with your Ads, nor can you retarget them if they engage with your website. This will affect accuracy in your reporting and effectiveness in the Ad Campaigns. There are several things you will want to do to increase your Ad’s effectiveness to help assist the Ad’s capability in tracking and results due to this new change.

Turn on your Automatic Tracking Without Code on your Pixel

Go to your Business Manager Page Business Settings – Data Sources – Select your Pixel – Settings – Advanced Matching & Events Setup – Turn on the radio button for both Automatic Advanced Tracking and Track Events Automatically Without Code

You may read about the rest of the effects of the App and how to prepare for them here on Facebook’s HELP page: Click Here

How do I set up a Successful Ad?
Follow this formula and you can measure whether or not you have a successful Ad:

  • CTR LINK 1-1.5% (Good Messaging) + CPM < $42 (Algorithm Friendly) + LANDER 3-30% (Good Lander) = Successful Ad

Keep your Click Through Rate Link percentage (Not all Clicks or Unique Clicks) at 1 to 1.5%

Keep your Cost Per Metric or Cost Per Result under $42

And keep your Landing Page Visits at 3-30% This should result in a successful Ad. (Successful Ads Club) The average Cost Per Result on Facebook across all industries is $19.68. (Word Stream)

Words to AVOID keeping your Ads from being rejected:

  • You
  • Your
  • Men
  • Women
  • Race
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Money
  • Financial Freedom
  • Fortune
  • Wealth
  • Work from Home
  • Laptop Lifestyle
  • Dating (and related words)
  • Quit My Job, Quit Your Job
  • Diet
  • Doubled
  • Easy
  • CBD
  • HCG
  • Any Curse Words, Fake Curse Words (xvzk!)
  • Alcohol (Wine, Bubbly, etc.)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Weight
  • Weight Loss
  • Specific Number (Make $100k)
  • Step by step
  • Etc. (Successful Ads Club)

How much should I spend on my Ad Spend daily?

Each industry is different, but one thing is certain since the pandemic started, more people are selling their items on the internet than ever before in our history and more people are using Facebook Ads which means that more people are competing and bidding for space on the platform. The way that your Ad is technically charged is by impression, but the Ad placement is by bid for the space. Therefore, the higher your bid, or amount that you are spending, the better your chances at getting the best places on the platform for Ad space. The amount that is effective for your industry is something that you will need to test but the cost for Ad space has become more competitive, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding on an amount to spend.

The minimum amount that you can spend daily is $5 a day. This may not be enough to buy the space you need for your Ad/Ads and the Ad Campaign would not perform as well with a lower Ad Spend. You can gradually increase your Ad Spend a little bit a day until you achieve the results you would like to see. If you increase or decrease your Ad Spend suddenly, it can cause the Ad Campaign to revert back into the “Learning” mode and the algorithm will need to become re-acquainted with your Campaign. Advertisers spend about $17 billion on Facebook ads each quarter, which amounts to 80% of all social media ad spend. (Word Stream)

Facebook Ads are highly effective, and your customers are on Facebook! 1.66 billion people use Facebook every day! The average person is on social media 2 hours and 24 minutes per day. Using Facebook Ad Campaigns can put your product and services in the view of millions of people and keep your brand top of mind making your business the company they choose when making a buying decision.

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